University of California, Riverside

Helping students finish in four with clear degree requirements


Meet complex academic requirements with a reliable degree audit system

  • Accurately program and represent complex degree requirements
  • Advisors can add exceptions to individual student records
  • Students assigned four-year degree plans from the start

University of California, Riverside uses Ellucian Degree Works to deliver a reliable degree audit system

Kari Geske, Associate Registrar, University of California, Riverside

We're a four-year public research institution. We have 24,000 students, over 20,000 of those are undergraduate students. And we actually have a very large low-income, first-generation student body. So, we have a bit of a different mission than many institutions in that respect and are very committed to their success.

Prior to Ellucian Degree Works™, the degree audit system that we had didn't account for the complexity of the academic requirements that our senate had approved. And so, we were really looking forward to having Degree Works, and it has proved to be a more agile product that allows us to program and represent those requirements more accurately.

And so, what Degree Works has done for us has allowed us to present them to students and present a degree audit that the campus feels is very reliable.

Degree Works has helped our students graduate on time by making the requirements more accurate and more true to the form of what the faculty have approved them to be. Degree Works also provides our advisors the ability to add exceptions to their record so that they can, on an individual basis, help that student graduate on time.

Degree Works has given us the ability to fit in with our Finish in Four campaign on campus. The committee for Finish in Four wanted each student to have a four-year degree plan assigned to them at the point that they matriculated to the institution. We have used the student educational planner in Degree Works to build four-year plans for students. And we assign that to them prior to coming for freshman orientation so that the student has a map from the day that they walk in the door. And that's been really important for us.

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