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Helping students stay on top of their financial aid.


Implement a financial aid solution that empowers students, provides transparency, and operates more efficiently 

  • Students better equipped to manage their aid 
  • Students more informed and aware of financial aid 
  • More efficient financial aid operations

North Park University empowers and informs students through the financial aid process.

North Park University is a private, Christian liberal arts university located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. The institution prides itself on offering a personalized, faith-based education within an urban setting, which allows students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse, dynamic learning environment. The university’s small class sizes help boost student achievement by permitting easy access to instructors while helping to ensure students don’t get lost in the crowd.

Although a small university may offer numerous benefits for students, it often means having a small staff—which means administrators must make the most of every resource available to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

North Park University’s financial aid office has a staff of just a handful of professionals. The department is responsible for the aid processing and reporting for the institution’s 3,000-plus students and was frequently operating at capacity.

In 2015, North Park University began searching for a technology-based solution to help ease the burden, while helping its students become more fully engaged with the financial aid process, guiding them and helping them become more cognizant of the amount of debt they were taking on.

The university chose Ellucian Colleague® Self-Service Financial Aid solution to address its needs, and it took just seven months to implement from start to finish.

The kinds of questions I’m getting from students are far more complex. I love that they have these kinds of questions. It tells me that they’re able to deeply examine and understand their loan and aid information through Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid. They’re better informed.

Lindsay Mitchell, Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Data Systems, North Park University

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