Trevecca Nazarene University

How we reduced wait times for student services


Upgrade on-prem server to the cloud

  • Developed disaster recovery with SaaS
  • Increased efficiencies, saving money
  • Eliminated lines for student services

Trevecca Nazarene University improved the student experience with Ellucian Colleague SaaS

David Caldwell, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, Trevecca Nazarene University

Early on we were hearing about the SaaS cloud. So, I was curious about it, but I was very concerned about security, not being the IT savvy person. Again, I'm the CFO. So once my CIO convinced me that it was safe, we started moving things to the SaaS cloud three to four years ago.

What started driving it were a confluence of a few things. One, our on-prem servers were getting close to needing to be upgraded. We still did not have a good disaster recovery plan. So, when you're a smaller school and you're looking at a six-figure investment to create a duplicate server room, that's not something you just jump into. And so, we started talking SaaS again and I realized, it just clicked one day—this is my disaster recovery.

I took the proposal to our cabinet and I said, OK, this is what I'm proposing. It's going to cost us some additional funds, but we're going to have disaster recovery, we're going to have these other things in place, and then over time we're going to start saving money because we will be able to find greater efficiencies.

Students have seen many benefits since we made the move to SaaS. There's no more lines in registration. There's no more lines in student accounts. There's no more lines in financial aid. They have mobile access now, so they can either, they can log in in their room, they can log in on their phone. They realize they can do most things online without having to go stand in line and they love that.