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Provide employees a self-service tool for anytime, anywhere HR service

  • HR service accessible anywhere
  • Easy to use self-service tools
  • Staff is now better informed

App delivers anytime, anywhere HR service for Texas Tech employees.

Jeff Hagins, Assistant Managing Director, Information Systems, Texas Tech University Systems 

At Texas Tech, we were looking for more efficient ways of allowing access to the information that employees need to just conduct their daily business. Sitting in a desk in an office is not always how they do their business and transact their lives. Mobile-ready is what we're looking to see.  

The Employee Profile app allows our employees to get on and take care of their personal information, change their addresses, see their pay stubs, enter their time if they're a semi-monthly employee, or check their leave balances.  

The Employee Profile allows our staff to be able to get access to their information wherever they are, whatever mobile device they may have, whether it's a mobile phone or an iPad. Very easy to use—it doesn't require a lot of overhead to learn it.

You pick it up and it's point and click, and you can find everything you need. It's the modern look and feel that we're looking for to deliver to our staff and students. 

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