Insights Article - Using analytics to improve student success
Hinds Community College

Improve operations, increase student success


Increase back-end operational efficiencies and maximize ERP usage to improve student success  

  • Improved administrative processes, e.g. financial aid, revenue collection, and employee payment 
  • Improved collaboration between IT, finance, and departments 
  • Ongoing strategic effort toward operations improvement 

How Hinds Community College improved operational efficiency with Ellucian Professional Services. 

When an institution thinks about what distinguishes it from another, not many would focus on business or administrative processes—that is, the processes used to award financial aid, pay employees, pay bills, collect revenues, etc. These processes require substantial investment and ongoing support, yet the primary measures of what sets an institution apart are usually the quality of programs and faculty, the quality of student learning, and the institution's outcomes.  

This is where Hinds Community College was different. The institution realized that it could not build an environment of student success without operational success while it struggled with issues around operational capacity. Student needs were not being met, and their lack of satisfaction was being shared on social media.  

To increase the expertise on staff, achieve better return on investment in its ERP, enhance systems performance, and drive efficiencies in all functional areas, Hinds engaged Ellucian Professional Services. The overall aim was to establish a higher-performing operational environment that would better enable student success.   

Hinds has since experienced a clear increase in its operational capacity to meet the challenges associated with student success, and claims that it is getting its worth out of the investment in professional services. Staff in functional offices at Hinds are empowered to make the most of their ERP, and the institution continues to increase operational efficiencies across all functional areas by refreshing staff skills to remain current.

Hinds has experienced a clear increase in its operational capacity to meet the challenges associated with student success.

Navneet Johal, Research Analyst, Education Technology, Ovum Consulting

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