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Stark State College

Increased revenue and enrollment through modernized workforce development programs.


Increase enrollment in the college’s workforce development programs 

  • Increased revenues and enrollment 
  • Less burden on registrar and bursar 
  • Better analytics to drive decision-making

Stark State College strengthens its workforce development programs.

Stark State College in Ohio has been recognized as one of the nation’s fastest growing colleges. They’re also known for a comprehensive adult-learning program. 

Beginning in 2015, Stark State’s president, Dr. Para Jones, instituted a new initiative that included expanding and deepening the college’s workforce development program. With this new emphasis, it quickly became obvious that the college would need to implement technology to help the existing program prosper.  

“Up until the president’s initiative, our workforce development program was lacking its own registration and catalog publishing systems, which made it difficult for them to quickly advertise courses and register non-credit students,” says Geoff Starnes, Stark State College’s assistant director for IT.  

“We knew it was time to change things. Everything was done through a paper process, with registration, cash and check payments going via the cashier’s process. There was no automated way to handle payments. With the initiative to grow more customers, we knew we couldn’t keep up and service the customers very well with that system.” 

In addition, Stark State’s workforce development program lacked the ability to track and analyze data related to students, employers, classes, and so on. The college clearly needed a tool to handle the business of a workforce development program and its students, but also provide analytics to help drive decision-making. 

The college explored its options, and soon settled on Ellucian Elevate™ as the best system to address its needs. 

Before we had Elevate, we didn’t know what our total enrollment was on a year-by-year basis… and now our goal is to offer more classes, and with Elevate we can. I know we’ve already seen a significant uptick in enrollment because it’s so easy for students to enroll and pay.

Geoff Starnes, Assistant Director of IT, Stark State College