Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Keeping students on track with digital interventions


Improve efficiencies in student advising

  • Students work with advisors to set their educational plan
  • Advisors and faculty use dashboards to view student progress and make interventions when needed
  • Text messages improve communication, increasing response time and meeting students where they are

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities uses Ellucian Degree Works to help students graduate on time

Joseph Tolisano, Chief Information Officer, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

I'm the CIO of 17 public institutions. We have about 85,000 students across the state of Connecticut. My top priority as CIO is to strategically recruit that freshman class in the most cost-effective manner possible and to graduate them as quickly as possible.

How students and advisors use Ellucian Degree Works

Degree Works is part of our student advising module. So, students use Degree Works to set their educational plan together. Unfortunately, in Connecticut, and probably most higher ed schools, the ratio of advisors to students is staggering. So, what Degree Works does, it gives our advisors and faculty a dashboard—red, green, and yellow—and they can look quickly at what students are not making their academic plan and intervene rapidly to try to correct that situation.

And now they're doing intervention through the mobile app, which is providing us some quicker response times.

Students love texting. They get an indicator from a text message from an advisor. “We need to talk; you're having some issues here.”

So, Degree Works, CRM Advise, the mobile app, are all what I used to call "force multipliers." They're adding a digital advantage to us that most other schools don't have. And they're raising our ability to retain those students and graduate them on time.

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