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Managing campus growth through technology.


Align IT infrastructure, governance, and services with strategic priorities 

  • Technology infrastructure now supports enrollment growth
  • Business efficiencies created significant cost savings
  • Improved services for students funded with $3.6M in grants 

Houston Baptist University aligned IT with strategy to support enrollment growth.

From 2011 to 2015, enrollment at Houston Baptist University (HBU) increased 29.9 percent, from 2,432 to 3,160 students. 

HBU’s growth, while extraordinary, was not unexpected. For more than eight years the university had been executing a long-term strategic plan designed to transition from outstanding regional institution to comprehensive national university. 

However, as the university grew and operations became more and more complex, existing IT resources proved inadequate for enabling the vision spelled out in the strategic plan.  

“We knew we had not invested enough in our IT infrastructure and governance,” says Sandra Mooney, vice president of financial operations at HBU. “We realized that if we kept growing without addressing those issues, we would implode upon ourselves because of our inadequate technology.” 

Since beginning a partnership with Ellucian Technology Management Services, HBU has realized significant cost savings, notably in technology operations due to increased efficiencies (for example, by establishing a modernized data center decreased energy consumption) and through the optimization of technology resources and increased leverage in contract negotiations with vendors. 

Before our partnership with Ellucian, we didn’t understand the level of services that we could have or should have in the IT area. Once Ellucian came in, we started moving forward at light speed. It was a night and day difference.

James Steen, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Houston Baptist University

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