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Online expense processing improves efficiency


Simplify and improve travel and expense processing 

  • Processing time has decreased 
  • Expense processes are now more compliant 
  • Employees can easily organize reimbursements

Idaho State University saves time and increases compliance with Ellucian Travel and Expense powered by Chrome River.

Lisa Leyshon, Assistant Controller, Idaho State University 

In a typical year, we have between 1,500 and 2,000 travelers. And we do an average of 8,000 to 9,000 reimbursement reports for travel. The biggest challenges we had before we automated our travel expense system were that things were on paper, and they were floating around for signatures. And nobody knew where our papers were and were always calling trying to track down information.   

Ellucian Travel and Expense has improved the business flow of information at our university. We felt that it was the best system that was out there. This implementation was a breeze. It went quickly. Their analysts were wonderful. We got what we wanted, and they're quick to respond to any problems that you have.  

Our users' favorite features are the approvals in the emails, and they love being able to snap and send their receipts right into their e-wallet. So, when they go into create their reimbursements, those receipts are there and easily match up with their travel card transactions. 

We have loved the compliance rules. In our old system, we had a lot of going back and forth between our travelers and the travel office trying to get things correct. But with the compliance rules, that's not happening. The travelers are having to fix those things before it actually gets sent to the travel office.  

We have absolutely seen a decrease in processing time. The travelers know exactly where their documents are in the system at all times. It's made things quicker and faster and more efficient. 

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