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Mount Hood Community College

Over $9 million in new grants in under two years


Identify external funding opportunities and enhance the capacity to pursue, secure, and manage grant resources

  • Awarded nearly $9.7M in grants in under two years 
  • Increased number of proposals submitted 
  • Improved grants support infrastructure

How Mt. Hood Community College built a high-performing grants operation. 

Mt. Hood Community College continually strives to better serve its students and its community. While remaining focused on advancing strategic institutional priorities, the college also seeks to:

  • Increase student access, retention, and completion
  • Enhance student success in gateway courses such as math
  • Increase innovation in academic and vocational programs to meet the changing needs of industry

The challenge, of course, is finding funds and resources to support those initiatives. One solution is to pursue grants, which introduces another challenge: having the processes, talent, and teams to support those priorities.

“It’s wonderful to have a talented grant writer, but we needed a full grants office,” says Mt. Hood Community College President Debra Derr.

Grants efforts are successful when staff are experienced in the process, can utilize research to support grant applications, gather the right resources for planning and writing applications, and set up the policies and procedures to ensure the institution meets the grant’s requirements once awarded.

To secure funding and establish an infrastructure to build and manage an effective grants operation, Mt. Hood Community College brought Ellucian Grants Service on board.

We needed a partner who could support the entire spectrum of grant activity, not just write a grant. I am not aware of any other vendor that has the background and flexibility to do what Ellucian does in the area of grant services.

Debra Derr, President, Mt. Hood Community College