Garden City Community College

A personalized, modernized approach to recruitment

Garden City Community College improves outreach, increases applications, and streamlines manual processes

Garden City Community College


  • Increased applications immediately after implementation
  • Automated time-intensive manual processes
  • Personalized communications
  • Refocused staff toward strategic projects and 1:1 interactions


Needing to automate tedious, manual admissions processes, Garden City Community College implemented CRM Recruit and experienced immediate impact. With a friction free enrollment experience for both prospects and staff, GCCC personalized interactions with students to increase submitted applications.


Garden City Community College, located in Garden City, Kansas, recently set out to optimize its recruitment processes, highlight its unique offerings, and modernize its recruitment technology.

The college went live on Ellucian CRM Recruit in early 2021, and can now automate cumbersome manual tasks, tailor their prospect communications, and spend more time on high-value projects and personal outreach.

As soon as GCCC went live CRM Recruit, admissions staff saw many more applications come in—including more in the first few days than they would normally have received in two weeks. Prospects found it easier and faster to apply, and their applications were processed in the system instead of manually.

For students who accept and enroll, the college’s new system is making a big difference in onboarding as well. Before GCCC implemented its new technology and process, newly accepted students wouldn’t get their IDs or the ability to register for several weeks. Now, it’s immediate.

Automated emails, alerts, and credentialing haven’t just made things easier for prospects—they’ve improved transparency and lessened the burden for the admissions and enrollments team, too.

The college’s new system has also enabled GCCC faculty to be more targeted with their outreach. Every two weeks, the admissions staff sends academic departments curated lists of students, then partner with faculty members to send faculty-signed emails with tailored program information based on student’s program interests.

GCCC is now able to add an individualized, human touch to its recruitment and admissions while accelerating and streamlining its business processes.

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Sydnee Sassaman
Director of Admissions
Garden City Community College

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