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  • CRM technology allows you to personalize your outreach in new ways
  • Bringing your institution's story to more constituents, in greater detail, keeps your alumni and donors more engaged
  • Technology allows institutions to connect in real-time

How CRM technology helps American University strengthen its approach to advancement.

Cornelius Kerwin, president emeritus, American University 

Technology has had a revolutionary effect on the ability of universities to conduct what is broadly considered its developmental or institutional advancement function. What information technology has enabled us and allowed us to do, through a variety of devices, is to bring the university story to more and different constituencies, in greater depth and greater detail than has ever been the case before.  

That means our alumni are far better informed in real time about activities—both good and problematic—that are occurring at the institution. That provides, over a period of time, a continuous flow of information—so that once an alumnus or an alumna is approached for a gift, it's not the first time they've heard from the institution. It's simply a normal part of a communication stream that is pretty much perpetual.  

Twenty-five or thirty years ago, occasional mail from the president's office or the development office is what the outside world could expect. There isn't a day that goes by—perhaps an hour—that goes by on this campus when we're not communicating with one or another constituency. That's what technology allows us to do.

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