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Processing payments at the speed of now

St. Edward’s University enables continuous improvements in efficiency with modern ERP and cloud-based payment systems

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  • Compliant, efficient cloud-based payment system
  • Streamlined reporting on payments
  • Annual savings of $200k in credit card convenience fees


Operational excellence demands no compromise in technology

It takes a lot to replace a system that’s been in use for 25 years. Numerous legacy applications, customizations, and familiar processes all must go away or at least change enough to disrupt business operations.

St. Edward’s University faced this dilemma. It had its legacy ERP system tuned to accommodate different functions, and even was a pioneer in using the system to accept online tuition payments. Such a high performance IT system represents the excellence on which the institution built its reputation, which has been validated in many ways including high academic rankings and many students who become Fulbright scholars

With an aging ERP system nearing the end of its product lifespan, and a disparate array of financial systems, St. Edward’s University took the long view and assessed what new systems could modernize and sustain campus operations while enabling new efficiencies.

The institution recognized that it needed a secure payment processing system, and that there were other strategic and critical needs for a new administrative system.


Cultivating continuous improvement in efficiency

With cloud functionality in mind as well, the institution’s plan incorporated a number of desired benefits, including updates ranging from basic software maintenance to critical encryption modifications that are part of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard.

For St. Edward’s, Banner and Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet represent the right combination to unify payment systems with the necessary efficiency, performance, and return on investment needed for ERP. The compatibility of the two means data is immediately accessible from a variety of sources via a Unified Commerce Platform. Departmental users can see trends and generate a consolidated view of activity without additional SQL tools or training. Moreover, staff are aware of a payment’s status or profile changes through automated alerts.

“It’s unusual to have a dual deployment at the same time, especially as the first project between Ellucian and TouchNet,” says Barb Scheid, product implementation consultant. “But the weekly meetings with Ellucian team members and St. Edward’s staff helped us anticipate and resolve many potential barriers during the implementation of the bill payment client and Banner.”

Now, having implemented Ellucian Banner® and Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet®, St. Edward’s systems are faster and more reliable, saving staff time so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. For instance, the Office of Student Financial Services now has the capacity to absorb a new department, and the Office now manages and sets rates for campus meal plans, car permitting, door access, and other functions as part of the One Card system supported by the two solutions.

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