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Real-time data improves admission and advising experience

Southern New Hampshire University partners with Ellucian and Mulesoft to create campus wide integration

Southern New Hampshire University


  • Streamline system integrations
  • Real-time data updates
  • Personalized student advising


The bus does two basic things. At its very core, it does two very simple things. The first one is a publish and subscribe methodology. So anybody who is interested in any kind of data, so name for example, we publish our changes anytime that name changes. This is how we get to that real-time experience. Anytime that name changes, it publishes out a change notification, and any other software system that is interested in name will get that information almost instantly. That's the first mechanism of what the bus does.

The other is your basic request-response. So if you want to ask a question, you ask the question to the SNHU bus. If the question is, “How many people got an A last term?” you ask the bus, and the bus will go and collect that information and deliver it back to you, whether that's coming from your SIS system or your learning management system.

It really started with discovering Ethos. We've basically wrapped MuleSoft around Ethos, creating a universe of these APIs. Now we can build any connector that we want. And it uses basically a proxy, using MuleSoft as a proxy, to talk to Ethos.

And so if you have everything that runs through Mule, and the connections are all coming into Ethos, then whatever you bolt up onto the sides of it, you don't have to reprogram. You're reusing all of that stuff on the inside. And Ethos is just doing its job.

Real-time data improves CRM interactions

One of the really nice benefits of putting Ethos, MuleSoft, and the SNHU bus together is really that real-time reaction. So an advisor can now contact a student if they get a failing grade, and they're going to know that within a very short period of time. There are all kinds of benefits around that.

Before we put this system in place, once you clicked your application, it would take your 15-20 minutes before that would even get in front of an advisor, or it would be put on a spreadsheet, and you'd see it the next day. Now, from the time that you say yep, I think I'm interested in SNHU, within six seconds, an advisor can call you and start to talk to you about your options at SNHU. So it's those kind of things that we're shooting for to build value to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Toby Carroll
Director of Development and Integrations
Southern New Hampshire University
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