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Old Dominion University

A registration system upgrade that users applaud. 


Implement a registration system upgrade that will grow with the institution and enable smooth addition of new applications

  • Quickly had 6,600 registrants in new system 
  • Able to deploy new applications without disrupting the platform 
  • Scalable systems for future growth

Old Dominion University implements an intuitive registration system that makes students and staff happy. 

For Registrar Mary Swartz, the applause said it all. Her student counselors at Old Dominion University were completing training in their new registration application, and the simplicity of the process compelled them to show how much they appreciated having a better tool for incoming freshmen to use. 

“We didn’t even get many questions during the session because it was so intuitive for them,” Swartz explains. 

But the path to this point was not always clear. 

For starters, the staff needed to confirm the right approach before convincing decision makers that the update was even necessary. To provide oversight and build an implementation strategy, the institution assembled a readiness team that included the registrar and directors of IT, human resources, financial aid, and finance.  

Departmental staff outlined what functions they wanted to improve while technical staff summarized the existing hardware and software environment, customizations, and skill sets of the team.  

After implementation, Old Dominion was able to use the same database, identity management, business rules, open standards-based integration, and configurations across systems, meaning an entire portfolio of Ellucian Banner® and other applications can still get customized even though the source code remains untouched.

Searching for courses in a particular program and seeing the schedule in a calendar view gives students a much simpler way to proceed through the steps and register.

Mary Swartz, University Registrar, Old Dominion University

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