Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles

Self-service financial aid is a win for students and staff


Implement financial aid through self-service

  • Students have the financial aid information they need at their fingertips
  • Financial aid and business offices regained time
  • IT staff can help move the needle on business processes

Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles increases efficiency with Ellucian Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid.

Shannon Shank, Senior Director, Enterprise Application Services, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles

We've had a big push these last two years with regard to self-service. And one of the pieces that we didn't have before was financial aid through self-service. So, students have always been able to pay their bills online, register online, but financial aid has been something that we have never done before.

But that did take some training, and lots of discussion, and decision making for the teams. Us in IT supporting them, but helping them understand the change that would come with now having the awards online, and offering students things that they used to do on paper. So, they had to change their business process a little bit in on the back end, but I think well worth it.

The director loves it. She absolutely loves it. And the students love it. They love not having to go to the office. We've seen less students in lines at the window. And I think the questions that come from students are smarter because they have what they need at their fingertips.

The financial aid and business offices regained some time. I can tell from my staff and working with them the things that they're working with them on are things that had been pushed to the wayside in past times. So, we're able to sort of move the needle a little bit in terms of helping them with their business processes. So that was a big, big win for us.

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