Brookdale Community College

Simplifying the registration process


Increase online student registrations and eliminate cumbersome processes 

  • Online registration increased from 60% to 90% 
  • Improved business processes around registration 
  • Mobile registration enabled for students 

Brookdale Community College saw its online registrations skyrocket after implementing Ellucian Colleague Student Planning.

Maureen Lawrence, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Brookdale Community College 

The number one priority has to be student success, student retention, student completion. It has to be.  

I'm Maureen Lawrence. I work at Brookdale Community College as the vice president of finance and operations.  

About four years ago, our president came and spoke to me about trying to simplify our technology at the institution. We assessed our existing process and realized that we had created obstacles for our students to actually get into the classroom. We had been using Colleague since 1998, and during that period we developed quite a few work arounds to really help what we considered was our business process. And once we realized that Colleague Student Planning would eliminate all those workarounds, it was a no brainer.  

We saw our registrations online sky rocket. Our students want that mobile ability to manage their own course load. In the fall last year, we had about 60% of our registrations online. This past fall we had 90%.  

So, one piece of advice that I would give someone at another institution considering moving over to Student Planning would be to make that selection based on the product and not the existing business process that they've created to deliver that product to the students. Technology is there to simplify the process.  

We were able to have Ellucian's consultants come and manage that process for us. It was this person who was able to have another view, another outside look into the process, and help really manage and move it forward.  

So, I'd absolutely say look to the resources that you already have with Ellucian.