Hinds Community College

Student success hinges on operational success


Improve operational efficiencies in order to have more time to focus on improving the student experience

  • Achieving operational success is a prerequisite to achieving student success
  • Every institution is unique and needs services tailored to its needs

Better operational performance frees up time and energy to focus on the student experience. 

Hampton Shive, Chief Information Officer, Hinds Community College 

There's so much dialogue around student success. But you cannot build an environment of student success if you do not have operational success. And this is an area where we were not moving forward as quickly as we needed to. 

And so, what we have seen over the past 12 months is a very, very clear rise in our operational capacity to meet the challenges that are inherently present with student success. We went through the action plan process. We have gone through usage audits in a number of our functional areas. But what's probably even more successful than the usage audit is the follow-on after that. 

We have maintained the relationships with the consultants. So essentially, we have built a model where many of the work groups on campus have a direct contact into Ellucian for the area that they work. 

And one thing that's different about the consultants, and the people within Hinds, we see one environment. That's the only one we ever see. So, we really have no reference points on what's right or wrong. 

So, it's really powerful to bring someone in that possibly has experience with 20, 30, 40 other environments. And it gives us a much wider view into what the capabilities are. And thus, how to configure our environment to best meet our needs for today, but also tomorrow. 

We were almost a year into our engagement with Professional Services before I learned that a custom offering had really been put together for us. They had really tailored a solution to our needs, but there hadn't been a lot of fuss about it. 

And we've gotten a tremendous amount of value, and thus institutional progress, as a result of that. And it really demonstrated their commitment to getting things right for Hinds. And that they were really, really committed to delivering the solutions that we really needed.