Making sense of student data
University of La Verne

Transforming data into an institutional asset


Gain insight through institutional data to enable better decision making

  • Improved data quality, security, and governance
  • Streamlined institutional processes
  • Better and more accurate insights into institutional data

How analytics—and sound data governance—lead to institutional insights

With a focus on delivering a world-class educational experience, the University of La Verne recently began exploring new solutions that would allow it to gain an informed view into the university’s operations—and transform those insights into student success. “The student, for us, is the nexus of our reality,” says Dr. Todd Britton, chief information officer and associate vice president at the University of La Verne. “Everything we do is about our students. That also means that's where the preponderance of our data issues are.”

And like most institutions, La Verne was awash in data—from student records to faculty information—spread across multiple systems and databases. The university had, for a number of years, attempted to wrangle its data via reports generated through various database solutions. However, the university found that the information gleaned didn’t provide the kind of deep-insight it required. “We were looking to improve on what we were getting and hoping to truly focus on both tactical risk reports and more predictive and prescriptive types of analytic reports,” says Britton.

The university turned to Ellucian Analytics to help it make sense of institutional data—and use it to drive positive outcomes for the entire La Verne community.

The analytics tool has absolutely fulfilled the promise that I was hoping for, which is to give us a single pane of glass through which to view our data. It has helped us see what we need to do, where our data is flawed, where it should be adjusted, and what we need to do in terms of practice and policy updates. All of that has helped drive us forward.

Todd Britton, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President, the University of La Verne

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