Agile registration and simplified payment

How UAPA made registration easier and offered new payment methods



  • Automated registration process
  • Up to 2,000 students registered per day
  • Enhanced student service with 3 different payment methods available


One week before the mandatory lockdown was declared due to the COVID-19, the Universidad Abierta para Adultos in Dominican Republic launched its institutional modernization and transformation project along with the Ellucian team.

UAPA reaffirmed its essence and innovative culture by firmly taking on the challenge of systematization of registration and payment processes, a modernization that will allow them to meet the digital-native students’ expectations, eager to engage with their university in the same way they do with the technology they use every day.

From its origin in 1991, the institution has focused on digitization and has designed technology investment strategies to sustain its Competency-based, Learning-Centered Education Model.

In addition to moving their operations to the cloud, with this project, UAPA managed academic programming at different levels within a single platform, allowed course optimization, and offered its students both remote and on-premises payment methods, which improved their experience and made the mobility easier to comply with.

Bryce Prutsos
Director of IT
Barstow Community College

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