University of California, Riverside

A user-friendly registration system for today’s students


Modernize student registration system

  • Flexible and customizable interface
  • Easy-to-use course registration system
  • Designed with students in mind

University of California, Riverside improves the registration experience with Ellucian Banner

Kari Geske, Associate Registrar, University of California, Riverside

University of California, Riverside has a very diverse student body. We have over half of our students receiving a Pell Grant, and even more of those students are first generation students.

We sought out a solution back in 2012. That is when we decided to sign with Ellucian Banner®, and we needed a system that was modern, a system that was intuitive.

I would say that Banner 9 Registration provides a flexible and customizable interface. The institution can change the labels and the wording to make sense for the context that their students find themselves in.

Our students found it very intuitive and user-friendly, very easy to use. It has a modern interface with windows that you can move around. The calendar is very colorful. It's a block type display that updates as the students enroll in classes. I think that they find the schedule of classes easy to use as well. The different options they have to search and locate classes, I think they really like it.

In the design of the Banner 9 Registration schedule of classes, they put in some features that I find to be very helpful for students. For example, telling the students that the class is full before they attempt to register in the class, pairing linked courses together so that students can clearly see what their options are. There are components like that that make it very user-friendly for students who are coming in and learning the college environment to figure out where they should go and how they can find the classes that they need.

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