SUNY Oswego

Using data to boost efficiency and plan ahead


Predict registration trends and improve course scheduling

  • Student data provides key course-related information to university administrators 
  • The registrar’s office can identify how many students need a given course, enabling data-informed planning every semester 
  • Thanks to data-backed insights, students can get the courses they need to graduate on time, while institutions can improve the student experience

How SUNY Oswego applies student data to predict trends and course demand.

Jerret LeMay, Registrar, State University of New York at Oswego 

I am the Registrar, so I play a lot in the sandbox with our tech folks in terms of laying out what services we'd like to be able to provide to our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and really try to push things forward so that as an institution it's the best that it can be.  

One of the greatest benefits that we get from the Advising Student Profile app is not necessarily about functionality, it's more about staging and preparing our various audiences for what's coming down the road. It's fantastic in the services that it provides to advisors and students, but it's also fantastic from a managerial perspective because now I can go in and I can mine data, and I can tell how many students need a particular class, and I can use that information and interact with my departments and be able to have conversations about what an appropriate course offering might be for an upcoming semester. 

Not only that, I can mine the data and double check it against our setups in our system, and make sure that what we're telling students they need is readily available to them, and that when they go to register they're not going to have any troubles getting in. And that's over and above and beyond the benefits of just using the app itself.  

You want to achieve managerial efficiency, you want to achieve success for your students, and you want to achieve efficiency for your faculty and your staff, and I think partnering with Ellucian not only helps us get there in terms of what's provided, but also gives us a feedback loop so we're always able to provide input for the Ellucian staff members that they can take back to the drawing board. We're able to contribute to the conversation about future development in terms of technology and what's coming down the road.

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