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Viewing our data through a single pane of glass


Uncovering actionable data to inform institutional decision making

  • Institutional agreement on data definitions
  • Stakeholders can view data through a single pane of glass
  • Insights to drive better utilization of scarce resources

University of La Verne leverages Ellucian Analytics to improve decision making

Todd Britton, CIO, University of La Verne

We wanted actionable data, so we started looking into our data and how can we report on it properly, correctly. And everyone would get the same number.

Why we chose Ellucian Analytics was four reasons. One is we wanted to leverage our known and our deep expertise in Banner. Also, it had to do with how easily could we springboard our activities to create these dashboards and reports more easily without having to recreate them in another tool? If they came out of the box, it's a large number of them that we could leverage from day one, largely. That was a huge selling point.

Also, we liked the idea of dipping our toe into a data lake. Our current practice is using EDW and ODS. Those are differently structured. And we thought, that's an aspirational state. So we need to be able to get there. How can we do that? Ellucian Analytics.

And I would say the fourth reason was, we liked to leverage Tableau. There was light development of Tableau on campus. So we thought, how could we leverage that? Would that help our users to be more likely to adopt and overcome some of that change resistance?

The provost office is leveraging it heavily from a student retention perspective, but also, they're very much using it for answering the questions of how well utilized are our classrooms, our spaces? Could I get more classes? Can I take down an entire building in terms of HVAC and electricity by intelligently, strategically using our data to make informed decisions about which classrooms we can move into one building or another?

Also, looking at faculty load, we have an over-reliance on part time faculty or adjunct faculty. Given the changing landscape, how can we better leverage our subject matter experts, which our faculty are, tenure track, how can we leverage them to teach other classes? So looking at load to be fair and the ability to really dig deep.

We can leverage Ellucian Analytics to have a single pane of glass into our data so that we can look at all of our data at once as it relates to how we want to leverage it to ask our questions and get them answered. It also helps for us to move forward to be a true data-centric or data-driven institution. We need to look at data as a strategic institutional asset and treat it as such.

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