Whole campus benefits when IT infrastructure is stable
Rush University Medical Center

The whole campus benefits when IT infrastructure is stable. 


Stabilize and modernize infrastructure and enable higher priority work for IT staff

  • No more tiresome infrastructure outages or maintenance
  • The cloud helps optimize efficiencies for students and staff
  • IT can function more like business analysts

Rush University Medical Center’s move to the cloud lifted a burden from IT staff.

Steve Wightkin, Associate Vice President of IT Operations, Rush University Medical Center 

We've been a customer of Ellucian since 2007-2008. We were hitting some pretty desperate times about two years ago with our ability to manage the infrastructure. One of the modules would crash every morning at 6AM. So, our staff every morning had to get up at 6AM, check this one module and restart it typically. 

As an employee satisfaction thing, this was not what they signed up for. We realized that we either need to do a full rebuild of the infrastructure in-house, which is a huge capital expense, or maybe it was time to look at a different model. 

This is when we started talking to Ellucian about their cloud offering. It made sense to us in a lot of ways. We're basically paying someone else to keep our infrastructure up to date. So, it would free up our resources to become more business analysts, to work more with the university staff to optimize the software and find solutions for them rather than just working on the server to keep things running. 

We didn't have a lot of capital at the time. You know, a lot of cloud solutions are mostly operational—that made a big difference as well. I think that success is, well, the system is stable. We were having weekly outages, unexplained outages that were having huge operational impacts. We're not having those issues anymore. It's optimizing the experience for the students as well as the administrative staff within the registrar student affairs offices. We’re rolling out a lot of self-service modules, financial aid, simple things like emergency contacts.  

The other thing was the integration with our learning management system. Before that was a manual file transfer. Information wasn't there instantaneously, and there was a delay—you’d register someone and they wouldn't show up in the learning management system. Now that's all automated. That's a huge impact on our workflows and our efficiencies.  

I would say Ellucian has been a really good partner of Rush. Going with Ellucian and the cloud offerings has really changed our ability to deliver the services that we need to our faculty and students. 

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