Why Ellucian Housing

One Multipurpose Solution

Plan, monitor, and track all your student housing needs in one mobile-friendly application.

Automated Workflow

Auto-assign any number of students within minutes.

Student-Centered Capabilities

Put the power of housing selection into your students’ hands.

Integrated Functionality

Become more efficient by integrating Ellucian Housing with other 3rd party applications.


Ellucian Housing powered by Adirondack is an intuitive, mobile-first solution designed as a one-stop-shop for all aspects of your student housing tasks.

Intuitive design and student-centered capabilities
  • Take your student housing tools with you anywhere, on or off campus.
  • Enable new and returning students to submit their housing preferences electronically.
  • Provide access to campus colleagues using role-based permissions.
Data-driven functionality

Leverage specific insights about your students, assignments, and facilities.

  • Visualize all your student housing data in one digital application.
  • Track your assignments, waiting lists, and urgent changes in real-time.
  • Tie date-based log entries to mail-merge letters and emails.
Built for scalability and long-term growth

Reconfigure your solution to align with any changes that occur within your institution.

  • Mass edit student information and assignments.
  • Track room conditions and maintenance problems.
  • Save records from one year to another in a historical file.
Billing and financial automation

Coordinate all billing and monetary tasks that coincide with housing.

  • Export billing charges/credits to your campus-wide financial system.
  • Mass edit student billing information without altering assignments.
  • Manage payment plans, bill for utilities, and notify students about facility damages.
Ellucian integration

Maintain consistency and data integrity among connected Ellucian platforms.

  • Integrate your student housing tasks alongside all core Ellucian systems.
  • Keep your application up to date using built-in maintenance management features.

Backed by Adirondack Solutions

The worldwide leader in innovative digital student services applications

Years of experience

Adirondack has been providing its housing solution to the higher education marketplace since 1998.


Countless students have selected or received their housing assignment via Adirondack software.

Major partnership

Adirondack has one priority partner as it relates to the world of ERPs—Ellucian.

Ellucian Housing Powered by Adirondack

Ellucian Housing Powered by Adirondack

Manage and configure student housing with a customizable, user-friendly solution.

Smart phone functionality
Smart phone functionality
Students can use their smart phones as a virtual payment device for campus services, events, and activities.
A modern transformation
A modern transformation
Introduce tech-savvy students to a campus credential system, transforming the way students interact on campus.
Stay in sync
Stay in sync
Along with ease of use and security, OneCard VIP runs in the cloud and syncs with other Ellucian systems to ensure information is always accurate.
Serious security
Serious security
Permission-based access and Master security provides a secure experience to students.


Depart from complicated systems and increase opportunities for growth with this cloud-based product.

Our campus ID card solution is hosted in a PCI-compliant data center.

View all transactions in a centralized location, allowing your institution true processing, visibility, and reconciliation.

Expand our product with specialized applications to fit your institution and student needs.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet

The next-generation campus card system designed for today’s students and administrators.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet
Cost Conscious
Cost conscious
An easy-to-use system that cuts organizational costs while staying up to date with a comprehensive payment system.
Safe and secure
Safe and secure
Due to the complexity and sensitivity of online payments, we ensure your data is always accurate, secure, and meets PCI compliance.
Simplified processes
Simplified processes
Save time and money by streamlining processes and offering electronic forms and billing.
Modern solution
Modern solution
Improve the student experience by making payments and financial transactions simple.
User friendly
User friendly
Ellucian Payment Service by TouchNet engages users with the ease of self-service, mobile options, and designated user capabilities.

Percentage of higher education officials who see connected campuses as the accepted future


Track institution-wide payments and improve decision making through a single tool—all while simplifying processes and reducing resource demands.

Ensure security with Parent Pay, International Wire Payments, Scheduled Payments, Line-Item Payments, and Stored Payment Profiles.

Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

Unify campus-wide payments with Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet
A successful strategy
A successful strategy
Implement smarter job advertising and share customized job listings with higher ed-focused career sites to attract the right candidates.
Critical data
Critical data
Collect vital information to assess candidates in the initial hiring stages, support DEI initiatives, and streamline onboarding.
Confident managing
Confident managing
Track employee performance with feedback and reviews, and nurture with goal setting and performance improvement plans.
Save time and cut costs
Save time and cut costs
Increase productivity and reduce costs with automated enrollment, both virtual and on-site.
Modernize and simplify employee processes by eliminating paperwork and safely storing employee documents and sensitive HR data.
Community Access
Community Access
Save time and access a global form bank shared with countless institutions like yours.


Create descriptive job postings that include custom photos and video.

Save time by providing new hires with access to online forms before their start date.

Schedule check-backs to engage and address concerns within the first 90-120 days.

Empower managers with development tools and customized training programs through a campus unified dashboard.

Access a library of 1100+ courses ranging from Title IX and Sexual Harassment to education-specific learning or customized content.

Electronically sign, process, and keep track of entire employee personnel files in one location online.

Ellucian Talent Management by NEOED

Build on the success of your institution by confidently attracting ideal candidates.

Ellucian Talent Management by NEOED

Drive results with end-to-end efficiencies

Speed processes

Slash the time to deliver transcripts from days to minutes.

Enhance services

Request and deliver transcripts anytime with online access.

Reduce workload

Automate costly, time-consuming, and manual transcript processes.

Improve security

Deliver transcripts to the right person and under the right circumstances.


Automate processes to support the full lifecycle of transcript requests—from student identification and validation to order collection and fulfillment.

Moves data between the institution and the vendor in real time for more efficient processes.

Checks student-entered data against the Ellucian ERP system to ensure the transcript can be produced and that there are no institutional holds on the student.

Activate and go—no technical expertise, programming, additional hardware, software, or IT support required.

Minimizes your development time and maintenance investment.

BridgeValley Technical & Community College

The primary advantage is that students can easily initiate a request to send their transcripts to a potential employer, university school admissions office or other recipients with an email address anywhere in the world the same day the order is placed.

James Fauver, Chief Student Systems Officer | BridgeValley Technical & Community College

Ellucian eTranscripts

Provides secure, real-time transcript authentication, production, and transfer between the National Student Clearinghouse®, transcript ordering vendors, and Ellucian’s administrative systems. 

Simplify expense processing from start to finish

Improve efficiency

Automate the entire travel expense submission, approval, and reimbursement process.

Accelerate payment

Submit expenses and receipts from any mobile device for faster reimbursement.

Provide visibility

See trends and spend with real-time analytics and reporting dashboards

Reduce paper

Minimize IT support with an easy-to-use SaaS solution.


Automate the entire travel expense submission and reimbursement process to boost accuracy and efficiency.

Travel expense management processing

Save time and reduce the costs of managing travel-related expenses.

  • Boost efficiency with an optical character recognition (OCR) feature that reads receipts and automatically creates the expense 
  • Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and browser, email, and mobile-enabled features 
  • Ease administrative burdens with automatic, process-driven expense submission  
  • Check expense report status and actions needed with real-time tracking feature 
  • Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic, multi-level workflow 
Travel expense management preapproval integration

Speed reimbursement and help your institution manage travel costs. 

  • Submit pre-trip authorizations and approvals based on configurable business rules 
  • Control costs before spending actually happens 
  • Release travel funds by source with pre-approvals 
  • Allocate pre-approvals to multiple expense reports over time 
  • Incorporate travel data into most booking systems seamlessly 
Travel expense management currency conversion

Ease travelers’ financial and administrative burden. 

  • Create invoices and recover advances with Accounts Payable integration  
  • Enter expenses in multiple currencies and automatically convert them back to base currency 
  • Boost accuracy with foreign exchange rates updated daily 
Travel expense management card program

Reconcile both travel and non-travel charges made with credit cards. 

  • Manage travel cards, p-cards, corporate cards, and “one” card programs  
  • Assign credit card transactions to an expense item and see the entire cost of your trip in one view   
  • Send automatic email notifications when charges are ready for review 
  • Assign unique allocations for p-card transactions 
  • Drag-and-drop items into expense reports 
Travel expense management electronic documents

Streamline the audit process and eliminate paper storage costs. 

  • Capture receipts with a mobile device and attach them directly to the expense report for easy access and retrieval 
  • Secure documents with access rights and archive them to comply with policies 
  • Use full mobile receipt and expense report submission features that work across any device for a consistent user experience and real-time status tracking 
Integration with finance solutions

Manage the flow from expense submission to payment from a single system. 

  • Establish travel policies, allocate travel funds, authorize expenditures, and process payments to improve compliance with fiscal policies 
  • Leverage key accounting and payment capabilities within Ellucian ERP finance modules to ensure consistency with your accounting system  
  • Modify or update a highly configurable business rules engine without IT support 
Travel expense management real time analytics

Deliver timely access to expense data at the click of a button. 

  • Provide finance staff with visibility into travel and expense spending, travel frequency, and supplier costs 
  • See expenses by department, vendor, and more to help you manage overall spend and negotiate better discounts 
  • Make more informed decisions with charting, scheduling, calculations, sorting, pivoting, and other advanced functions 
Software as a service

Realize a return on your investment sooner with a faster implementation. 

  • Start using the solution quickly—no additional hardware or software needed  
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership—installation and updates are managed for you 
  • Reduce start-up costs and capital expenses with a single monthly subscription fee for software, support, maintenance, and administration 
Larry Moss, Senior Programmer Analyst, Oral Roberts University

It was very, very important that we got a system that was up-to-date, a system that was more this century, mobile-friendly—be able to use it on the phone, on the iPad, or whatever you are using—user friendly, and able to learn the system very easily and quickly was very, very important.

Larry Moss, Senior Programmer Analyst, Oral Roberts University

Connected products

Streamline approvals and payments while minimizing spend and fraud.

Ellucian Folio

Automate extraction of line item data from hotel receipts and populate hotel expense reports.

Ellucian Card Reconcile

Reconcile non-travel related purchasing card charges and facilitate daily reconciliation with unlimited report submission.

Ellucian Travel and Expense Management

Help students and staff stay productive with efficient document management.

Improve service

Find the information you need when you need it and respond to customers in minutes.

Boost productivity

Make information simpler to store and share with high-volume scanning, imaging, indexing, and access.

Secure information

Decide who can read and edit files, and set rules to organize and destroy them, automatically.

Reduce costs

Free up space, eliminate paper, and reduce cross-campus mailing costs by digitizing files and saving them online.


Manage documents from capture to disposition with high-speed, high-volume batch scanning and imaging.

Includes indexing, check-in and checkout, redaction support, and archive rules for automatic disposition.

Store, manage, and govern standard documents, images, voice, video, drawings, and other unstructured content.

Capture key fields and populate metadata automatically for effortless search and retrieval.

Find electronic files easily via a paper clip in Ellucian Banner® modules.

Complete the process with integrated document disposition from Ellucian Banner Document Retention.

Automate the capture of documents and extract information with Ellucian Banner Capture.

Washburn University

The value and benefits of Banner Document Management over the past 13 years include the ease of access from a workstation versus writing on paper and the importance and security of keeping student and employee records in one place.

Joyce Scheck, Application Systems Administrator | Washburn University

Ellucian Banner Document Management

Process any file in less time without adding staff.

Manage your upgrades consistently

Upgrade in one location

Centralizes maintenance tasks so you can more closely monitor what’s needed and when.

Save valuable downtime

Upgrade in fewer steps so you deliver, maintain, and extend functionality easily.

Simplify IT maintenance

Creates a system to view and manage software in the environment—and understands software dependencies.

Leverage automation

Retrieve software updates and downloads automatically and view release documentation.


Automate Ellucian Banner® upgrades and reduce the costs associated with manual processes.

Create a centralized administrative application to securely manage Ellucian products.

Use and unify metadata terms to describe software relationships and create an automated metadata-driven software installation utility.

Provides an automated, template-based system that facilitates the simple, seamless installation of new Ellucian products.

Ellucian Solution Manager updates in minutes

It’s a very powerful tool and it’s been night and day….Something that might’ve taken my DBA an hour, took five minutes.

Edward Sea, Director of Application Systems and Web Development | Central Oregon Community College

Ellucian Solution Manager

Provides a central view to download, deliver, install, configure, and manage your Ellucian Banner® solutions.

Attract, recruit, and assist international students and scholars

Improve recruitment

Compete more effectively for international students and scholars. 

Handle complex regulations

Comply more efficiently with the rules governing international students and scholars.

Simplify work

Help your advisors, scholars, and students work more productively.

Go green

Create a leaner, greener campus and eliminate delays and paper-shuffling with forms that replace paper versions.


Ease international scholar credentialing, file updates, paperwork submission, and other administrative tasks for academic department staff, advisors, and students.

Compile important student, scholar, and employee records and forms into one database to manage visa profiles and work authorizations visa history.

Run industry-standard reports on all fields in the system with advanced reporting capabilities for academic level, country of citizenship, enrollment, and immigrations status.

Make all visa and general student and scholar changes in one place quickly without having to toggle between systems.

Query specific constituents and email specific groups with regional alerts and messages.

Copy information from SEVIS reportable student/scholar records and upload it to the SEVIS system in batches.

Wright State University

Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management helps us keep better track of what is happening with our international enrollment and programs. We can see how many students transferred and why; how many didn’t complete their programs and why.

Kimberly Brumbaugh, Director, Visa Information and Support/SEVIS Management | Wright State University

Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management

Improve your international student and scholar recruitment, enrollment, and records management.

Improve your LMS for faculty, staff, and student

Ease administrative burden

Reduce faculty frustration, increase efficiency, and diminish data errors.

Reduce the cost of integration

Leverage Ellucian Ethos to streamline complex point-to-point integrations and reduce maintenance between your LMS and other applications.

Streamline the user experience

Save time and money by streamlining administrative tasks associated with course management.

Increase LMS adoption

Update information and streamline access so students can get the most-up-to-date data in a single location.

Intelligent Learning Platform

Streamline integration between your ERP and learning management system with Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform, now Ellucian Ethos connected.


Easy data synchronization

Create and update records, control what data you want to send, and sync data in bulk or in real time. Ellucian ILP synchronizes user, course, student enrollment, faculty assignment, crosslisting, academic term, and grade data as well as surfaces the data you need from your Learning Management System (LMS).

Intelligent Learning Platform today portrait

Surface learning management system data in Ellucian Portal with a single sign-on, integrate calendar items to see what is happening in each course, and receive real time mobile notifications.

Grade integration

Update midterm and final grades seamlessly to Ellucian Banner or Ellucian Colleague from your learning management system.

Mobile course events

Provide consolidated view of what's happening in each class with integrated calendars, assignment to-dos and mobile notifications. Students and Faculty benefit from being in the know and up to date.

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

The integration between Ellucian Colleague®, the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform, and Moodle is phenomenal. We’ve cut the time spent on course administration by 25 percent. For us, that means one faculty member can teach an additional course each term. Choosing Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is the best decision we ever made.

Cathy Carson, Director, Finance and Integrated Systems | Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform

Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is a single, easy-to-use platform that streamlines common teaching and learning tasks between administrative and learning management systems (LMS).

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