Smart phone functionality
Smart phone functionality
Students can use their smart phones as a virtual payment device for campus services, events, and activities.
A modern transformation
A modern transformation
Introduce tech-savvy students to a campus credential system, transforming the way students interact on campus.
Stay in sync
Stay in sync
Along with ease of use and security, OneCard VIP runs in the cloud and syncs with other Ellucian systems to ensure information is always accurate.
Serious security
Serious security
Permission-based access and Master security provides a secure experience to students.


Depart from complicated systems and increase opportunities for growth with this cloud-based product.

Our campus ID card solution is hosted in a PCI-compliant data center.

View all transactions in a centralized location, allowing your institution true processing, visibility, and reconciliation.

Expand our product with specialized applications to fit your institution and student needs.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet

The next-generation campus card system designed for today’s students and administrators.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet

Why Ellucian PowerCampus

Used by more than 200 colleges and universities around the world to increase productivity and enhance their constituent experience.

Improve efficiencies

Automate critical tasks and processes with built-in workflows.

Deepen relationships

Communicate effectively with your students, from recruitment through alumni outreach

Gain control

Configure Ellucian PowerCampus™ in the way that’s best for your institution.

An institution-wide solution

Enhance communications, simplify administrative tasks, and deliver better services institution-wide.

Ellucian PowerCampus Student Profile

Attract, engage, and retain students throughout the student lifecycle with a complete management system. 

  • Engage prospective and current students with marketing and communication tools 
  • Access real-time student information to quickly resolve issues or report on trends 
  • Use advising and degree audit tools to improve student success
Ellucian PowerCampus Analytics

Measure progress, identify trends, and inform decision making with robust analytics and reporting tools. 

  • Integrate student, advancement, finance, HR, and financial aid data 
  • Access real-time data at your fingertips to inform decision making 
  • Accelerate time-to-value with built-in, intuitive dashboards 
Ellucian PowerCampus Advancement

Automate tasks, measure performance, and build donor relationships that last a lifetime. 

  • Develop profiles and campaign rules to create tailored, automated communications 
  • Provide self-service capabilities to streamline processes and give your fundraisers more time for face-to-face donor interaction 
  • Evaluate success using real-time fundraising reports
Ellucian PowerCampus Finance and Human Resources

Streamline your accounting, operations, human resources, and compliance processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP integration.  

  • Track accounting, payables, receivables, payroll, e-purchasing, and advanced financial reporting 
  • Manage standard online employee and manager services 
  • Use the wizard-assisted interface from Ellucian PowerCampus to the general ledger
Ellucian PowerCampus Financial Aid

Automate the entire financial aid process and reporting using the College Board’s PowerFAIDS. 

  • Dynamically track applications 
  • Calculate student budgets 
  • Manage and disperse funds including federal Pell Grants 
PowerCampus improving student engagement with self service

I believe all the major features that any higher education institution needs can be found in this system.

Sami Moh’d Dagash, Registrar | Royal University for Women

Connected products

Enhance your Ellucian PowerCampus experience. Our connected products can help you manage everything your institution needs.

Ellucian PowerCampus

Exceed expectations with a configurable ERP system designed for smaller institutions.

Ellucian PowerCampus Dashboard
Cost Conscious
Cost conscious
An easy-to-use system that cuts organizational costs while staying up to date with a comprehensive payment system.
Safe and secure
Safe and secure
Due to the complexity and sensitivity of online payments, we ensure your data is always accurate, secure, and meets PCI compliance.
Simplified processes
Simplified processes
Save time and money by streamlining processes and offering electronic forms and billing.
Modern solution
Modern solution
Improve the student experience by making payments and financial transactions simple.
User friendly
User friendly
Ellucian Payment Service by TouchNet engages users with the ease of self-service, mobile options, and designated user capabilities.

Percentage of higher education officials who see connected campuses as the accepted future


Track institution-wide payments and improve decision making through a single tool—all while simplifying processes and reducing resource demands.

Ensure security with Parent Pay, International Wire Payments, Scheduled Payments, Line-Item Payments, and Stored Payment Profiles.

Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

Unify campus-wide payments with Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet.

Ellucian OneCard VIP by TouchNet

Drive results with end-to-end efficiencies

Speed processes

Slash the time to deliver transcripts from days to minutes.

Enhance services

Request and deliver transcripts anytime with online access.

Reduce workload

Automate costly, time-consuming, and manual transcript processes.

Improve security

Deliver transcripts to the right person and under the right circumstances.


Automate processes to support the full lifecycle of transcript requests—from student identification and validation to order collection and fulfillment.

Moves data between the institution and the vendor in real time for more efficient processes.

Checks student-entered data against the Ellucian ERP system to ensure the transcript can be produced and that there are no institutional holds on the student.

Activate and go—no technical expertise, programming, additional hardware, software, or IT support required.

Minimizes your development time and maintenance investment.

BridgeValley Technical & Community College

The primary advantage is that students can easily initiate a request to send their transcripts to a potential employer, university school admissions office or other recipients with an email address anywhere in the world the same day the order is placed.

James Fauver, Chief Student Systems Officer | BridgeValley Technical & Community College

Ellucian eTranscripts

Provides secure, real-time transcript authentication, production, and transfer between the National Student Clearinghouse®, transcript ordering vendors, and Ellucian’s administrative systems. 

Attract, recruit, and assist international students and scholars

Improve recruitment

Compete more effectively for international students and scholars. 

Handle complex regulations

Comply more efficiently with the rules governing international students and scholars.

Simplify work

Help your advisors, scholars, and students work more productively.

Go green

Create a leaner, greener campus and eliminate delays and paper-shuffling with forms that replace paper versions.


Ease international scholar credentialing, file updates, paperwork submission, and other administrative tasks for academic department staff, advisors, and students.

Compile important student, scholar, and employee records and forms into one database to manage visa profiles and work authorizations visa history.

Run industry-standard reports on all fields in the system with advanced reporting capabilities for academic level, country of citizenship, enrollment, and immigrations status.

Make all visa and general student and scholar changes in one place quickly without having to toggle between systems.

Query specific constituents and email specific groups with regional alerts and messages.

Copy information from SEVIS reportable student/scholar records and upload it to the SEVIS system in batches.

Wright State University

Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management helps us keep better track of what is happening with our international enrollment and programs. We can see how many students transferred and why; how many didn’t complete their programs and why.

Kimberly Brumbaugh, Director, Visa Information and Support/SEVIS Management | Wright State University

Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management

Improve your international student and scholar recruitment, enrollment, and records management.

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