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Ellucian acquires next-generation competency-based education learning platform

Ellucian acquires next-generation competency-based education learning platform

We’re committed to helping students succeed. And every student learns differently. That’s why we are so excited to announce that we have acquired Helix Education’s competency-based education learning management system. Learn how you can deliver traditional, online, or competency-based education programs that delight and engage your students.

Learn more about educational justice with Ellucian

Educational Justice with Ellucian

Imagine how the world could change if we could break down the economic, social and academic barriers that stand between disadvantaged students and higher education.

We believe that together, we can. We invite you to join Ellucian in the pursuit of Educational Justice, helping forge the path to higher education for those students who need it most.

Ellucian Cloud Solutions

Ellucian Cloud Solutions

Student success. Tight budgets. Limited IT resources. More and more higher education institutions are looking up for answers to these challenges.