Banner Student

Putting students first isn’t always easy. Today’s students are more diverse than ever before, and their needs are more complex. That’s why we rely on our customer community to help us continue to evolve our flagship student administration system, Banner® Student. From admissions to registration to curriculum management to advising and assessment, Banner Student can help you deliver the kinds of experiences that keep your students engaged and on track for success.

Easier access to information, from any device, means your prospects and students can find you when they need to. Support for more flexible class schedules and more diverse credentialing processes means you can serve new student populations more effectively. And with tools for more personalized advising and more effective assessment, you can help every student be successful.

Yesterday, Banner Student provided the operational capabilities you needed to streamline processes and administer programs. Today, Banner Student does that and provides the flexibility you need to deliver the best experiences possible to your students.

With Banner Student your institution can:

  • Deliver better experiences to your students
  • Keep students engaged and on track
  • Provide easy, intuitive access to information and services
  • Provide more personalized advising and assessment

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