Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform

For efficiency, today’s colleges and universities want to see their learning management system (LMS) adopted widely. But with so many different campus constituencies, achieving that goal can be challenging.

Designed to encourage LMS adoption—and improve the way online and hybrid courses are designed—Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform bundles the administrative and academic sides of course management in one efficient solution. It streamlines the time faculty and staff need to spend on tasks like developing courses, managing content, fostering collaboration in courses, entering grades, and validating data.

The Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform lets faculty, staff, and students access activities and information associated with online learning through a single easy-to-use interface. One key result is faculty satisfaction: institutions that use the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform have seen faculty adoption of their LMS increase dramatically. It also helps institutions meet student expectations that their course management system deliver a flexible, customized learning experience.

“The integration between Colleague by Ellucian, the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform, and Moodle is phenomenal. We’ve cut the time spent on course administration by 25 percent. For us, that means one faculty member can teach an additional course each term. Choosing Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is the best decision we ever made.”
Cathy Carson, Director of Finance and Integrated Systems, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

The Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is particularly powerful for institutions that use online and hybrid courses to help deliver their educational mission. When faculty don’t have centralized access to the materials they need to support curriculum development, they risk losing critical teaching assets. But the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform enables faculty to store, manage, and publish course related materials in a central repository, making it easier to manage online course content and reuse course materials. Faculty spend less time building classes and more time teaching them.  

The Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform can help your institution:

  • Increase faculty adoption and depth of usage of LMS
  • Save time and money by streamlining faculty and staff administrative tasks
  • Reduce costs of online teaching and learning

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