Ellucian eTranscripts

Manually processing student transcripts and electronic records can be costly and time-consuming, and at times, prone to human error.

Ellucian eTranscripts is a no cost, “touch-free” electronic transcript processing and delivery system that enables real-time electronic authentication, production, and transfer of transcripts between the National Student Clearinghouse® and Ellucian’s administrative systems. With Ellucian eTranscripts, students can request their transcripts at any time and institutions can download and deliver transcripts anywhere in the world in minutes.

Ellucian eTranscripts is a secure interface between Clearinghouse Transcript OrderingSM and the Ellucian administrative system your institution uses. It facilitates the real-time movement of transcript ordering data into the Ellucian system (including student identification and holds notification), eliminating manual intervention, providing end-to-end efficiencies, and ensuring consistencies throughout the entire process.

Ellucian eTranscripts helps institutions:

  • Reduce workload in the registrar’s office
  • Deliver high quality services to students and alumni
  • Decrease administrative costs by automating processes
  • Simplify electronic transcript delivery adoption

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about Ellucian eTranscripts.

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