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Ellucian® Portal

Web portal delivers instant access to information

Colleges and universities today need one data portal, for two key reasons. First, students, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders have come to expect a familiar and seamless user experience when they go online through your portal. And second, for you and your colleagues, instant access to important information is nothing short of mission-critical.

The Ellucian® Portal, based on Microsoft® SharePoint technologies, provides constituents across your campus with personalized, role-based, single sign-on access to campus information and services. And the easy to use tools allow your functional staff to create sites, manage documents, and produce announcements, all without putting a burden on your IT organization. By drawing on data housed in a common database, the Ellucian Portal can deliver targeted information and services to students, faculty, parents, staff, and other stakeholders, providing a singular user experience for everyone who accesses your institution’s system.

Ellucian® Portal provides:

  • A unified gateway to campus networks
  • Access for campus users to all the resources they need
  • Seamless integration of solutions and data
  • Ready access to critical data
  • Create data dashboards to view key indicators
  • Enables campus groups to collaborate and communicate