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Manage financial information with an ERP designed for today’s higher education institutions.

Why Ellucian Banner Finance

Make better, data-informed decisions with increased operational efficiency, control, compliance, and transparency.

Streamline operations

Automate routine processes and tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and timely access to information.

Strengthen decisions

Gain financial insights through real-time visibility, in-depth query capabilities, and tailored self-service tools.

Exceed goals

Ensure compliance with policies and procedures by automating and directing the flow of financial information throughout your institution.


Finance FTMVEND vendor maintenance

Get administrative support for operations, budgeting, procurement, accounts payable, researching, and accounting.

  • Enhance system control, reporting capabilities, and year-end accounting practices with our flexible chart of account configurations, consisting of seven independent components
  • Manage and audit financial processes with our standards-based general ledger, subsidiary ledger, and encumbrance ledgers
  • Improve budget controls with the flexibility to monitor and report on budget activity at all levels
Finance my finance query tablet

Make real-time decisions with financial information at your fingertips.

  • Find and report on virtually any data point with ease
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating the design and development costs of data acquisition, data migration, and data warehouse design
  • Review financial statements and transaction details utilising powerful drill-down capabilities and flexible query options based on the industry’s leading higher education data model
Banner Finance My Journals Phone

Create efficiencies and cost savings when acquiring and paying for goods and services throughout your institution.

  • Organise and track requisitions across departments, and link requisitions to approved purchase orders
  • Find out instantly when goods are received and invoices are ready for payment
  • Manage encumbrances and changes to purchase orders with ease
  • Maintain better relationships with vendors by storing key information like vendor holds, small business data, minority owned business data, and contact information
Finance FRAGRNT grant maintenance desktop

Access key financial information with self-service tools when and where you need it, on any device.

  • Manage and capture grant-related expenditures across multiple periods
  • Streamline grant certification efforts for principal investigators and other key personnel
  • Track transactional activity associated with each grant, including automatic calculation of indirect cost (F&A) and cost share
  • Improve accounting performance related to grant activity, including indirect cost encumbering, grants billing, and reporting
Joe Tolisano, CIO, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Moving to the cloud decreased hourly labor costs by 90%

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities shares its cost model for calculating cloud efficiencies.

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