Ellucian Enterprise CRM

Nurture relationships throughout the student lifecycle

Today’s dynamic education market makes building lifelong relationships with key constituencies more imperative than ever. Competition over enrollments is fierce. Scrutiny over student outcomes is acute. And keeping the attention of your alumni and supporters in a world of competing interests gets harder every day.

To succeed, relationship building needs to engage constituents in an ongoing conversation about the value of the education an institution offers. That conversation begins early, deepens throughout the student experience, and matures over the course of a lifetime. An education CRM solution can help start—and sustain—that conversation.

Read the OVUM Analyst report for additional details.

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Ellucian Enterprise CRM is a robust set of flexible constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions that can help your institution more successfully recruit and enroll prospective students, support and retain current students, and cultivate meaningful life-long relationships with alumni and supporters. This CRM for higher education applies a comprehensive approach to relationship building that results in higher enrollments, more successful students, and more committed alumni and supporters. It includes Ellucian Recruiter, Ellucian Student Success CRM, and Ellucian’s next-generation advancement solution.

Ellucian Enterprise CRM helps higher education institutions:

  • Target key constituent groups including prospective students, enrolled students, and alumni
  • Engage constituents with personalized and relevant communications
  • Deliver appropriate and timely support
  • Create distinctive experiences that set your institution apart