Ubuntu honours Martin Luther King Jr.

Learn more about how Ubuntu honored Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK day

Ellucian Ubuntu exists to impact change and elevate Black voices. Learn more about how Ubuntu honoured Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK day.

Ellucian has a rich and varied Employee Resource Group (ERG) network. One of the ERGs, Ellucian Ubuntu, exists to impact change and elevate black voices. This ERG provides a space for learning, networking, and community-building for its members, allies, and higher education partners. Its mission is to eradicate inequities and inequalities for all people.

Ubuntu honors Martin Luther King Jr.

In January 2021, Ubuntu launched a charitable-giving initiative in honour of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to give employees an avenue to serve while the world was still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ubuntu invited employees to participate in a project to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and school supplies to students and teachers in Franklin County, North Carolina. Franklin County was hit hard by the pandemic, and students, teachers, and staff needed supplies as COVID-19 cases were trending upward once again.

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The PPE initiative was a huge success. Ubuntu donated over $5,000 in PPE to Franklin County schools. Students and teachers expressed their gratitude through letters. The principal of the school wrote how she was “grateful for community partners” like Ellucian who support the success of students and teachers.

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