Ellucian CRM Advise

Unite departments with a comprehensive view of student performance and provide tools to effectively engage at every stage of the student’s journey.

Increase engagement, retention, and student success outcomes.

Enable student success

Prioritise outreach so no students slip through the cracks.

Greater staff efficiency

Unify faculty and staff visibility into student performance to provide greater team integration.

Maximise results

See high priority issues, progress of student cases, and communicate across student success teams—all in seconds.

Lasting relationships

Build a foundation for future alumni involvement.


Provide a consistent, cohesive, and personalised approach to each student’s experience and success planning.

Advising communications strategy

Set up communications plans and workflows that allow for personalised messages, making students feel more connected.

Advising dashboard

Track a wide variety of key performance indicators that signal student engagement and success levels.

Advising dashboard

Increase engagement and retention rates through efficient case management and student outreach.

Ellucian CRM Advise how a community college is using data to increase grad rates

We’ve increased our two-year graduation rate in the last four years from 16% to 19%.

Dale Nesbary, President | Muskegon Community College

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