Ellucian XE

The Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem

The vision behind Ellucian XE is simple. Institutions should be able to extend, configure, and add technologies as campus needs evolve—and do so without sacrificing existing investments. The Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem, or XE, is a technology strategy to protect your investments and help you expand or adopt solutions as priorities shift.


Six XE design principles underpin every Ellucian solution

Because every Ellucian solution is now built upon common Ellucian XE principles, you can plan, implement, and update your technology more strategically and at a pace that makes sense for your institution.


Extend your applications without modifying the source code or interrupting the rest of your system.


Adapt our solutions to your needs without the expense or complexity of modifying code.


Deliver a smooth, modern experience to casual users and power users alike—whether they’re accessing applications via mobile, portal, or self-service interfaces.


Offer broader choices and compatibility across solutions with an open architecture, including a rich set of APIs and standards-based integration.


Shape your technology from both technical and operational standpoints, and leverage the cloud where it makes sense.


Add new applications on top of the ones you already have with a modular adoption approach that minimizes disruption, training requirements, and risk.

What we want is a solution that allows us to tag on new services, new applications, without throwing away everything we’ve done. Without having to adopt a whole new stack, either.
David Swartz, Chief Information Officer, American University



Ellucian XE makes it easier and more efficient for institutions to implement, manage, and extend our solutions. This innovative strategy supports improved functionality, better integration, more agile development, expanded points of access for users, and innovative delivery methods.


Evolve your digital campus

Evolve your digital campus

With APIs and web services wrapped around our solutions, you have the tools you need to shape your digital campus, whether that includes solutions from Ellucian, an Ellucian partner, or a third-party vendor.

Add functionality smartly and cost-efficiently

Add functionality smartly and cost-efficiently

Get the system improvements you need more quickly and for a lower total cost of ownership—with Ellucian XE, we build and deliver functionality that works across our ERP platforms.

Improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience

Ellucian XE supports deeper and richer integration at many inflection points, enabling you to offer a multi-modal user experience, including self-service portals, mobile, and cloud applications.

Engage with peers

Engage with peers

By creating compatibility across our ecosystem, Ellucian XE supports a more collaborative community of partners and customers who can share knowledge, best practices, and input that guides the ongoing development of our products and services.

We implemented the XE attendance tracking module, and already, we’ve seen a reduction in our bad debt, and that’s huge.
Joan McCready, Enterprise Business Applications System Leader, St. Louis Community College


Ellucian XE, delivered

Here are just a few examples of Ellucian solutions that have been built with XE principles.

Ellucian Mobile

Seamlessly integrated with all three Ellucian ERPs, Ellucian Mobile is the mobile solution for more than 700 institutions worldwide.

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Ellucian eTranscripts

Ellucian eTranscripts enables you to authenticate, produce, and transfer transcripts electronically between the National Student Clearinghouse® and Ellucian administrative systems. Now, you can deliver transcripts to students in just minutes.

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Colleague® Student Planning

Adapt our solutions to your needs without the expense or complexity of modifying code.

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