Student recruitment software and enrollment management software

Ellucian Recruiter

Student recruitment software helps streamline admissions

Today’s enrollment and admissions teams are focused on connecting with your institution’s target prospects and getting them to apply and enroll.  To do this effectively, you need to identify prospects with the best-fit to your institution and then personalize your outreach activities to deliver targeted messages to each individual.  You also need to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your recruitment activities.

“We are committed to using Ellucian Recruiter because we’ve all seen the increase in enrollment. And that additional tuition lets the university move forward with new initiatives and programs; everyone benefits from it.”

–Steve Mason

Manager, Enterprise Data Systems, University Information Services

Pacific University Oregon

Ellucian Recruiter™ is advanced student recruitment and enrollment management software that provides insight into your prospect pool, using enrollment probability and predictive modeling to help you identify your ideal prospects.  With Ellucian Recruiter, you have the ability to personalize your message to each prospect, with tools to ensure the message gets delivered the way they’ve said they want to hear from you. In addition, this student enrollment software’s performance tracking and analysis tools provide you with real-time visibility into campaign performance so you can focus energy on the most effective strategies.

When you have the tools you need to automate the recruiting lifecycle and make strategic decisions, you can focus recruitment efforts on activities that drive results and maximize your enrollment goals.

Ellucian Recruiter student recruitment and enrollment management software helps institutions:

  • Increase completed applications and enrolled students
  • Reach best-fit students with the right message
  • Reduce enrollment costs per student
  • Track and analyze the performance of recruiting efforts
  • Choose from on-premise or hosted deployment
  • Integrate with any student information system