A degree-planning tool that empowers students

Improve student success

Key takeaways 

  • Ellucian Degree Works can help improve completion rates and enable faster time to graduation 
  • Accessible, streamlined data enables more personalised advising support 
  • Easy-to-use planning tools give students the degree-path transparency they expect

It's hard to stay on track if you can't see where you're going. What if your students had everything they needed to plan their courses and graduate? What if it was all at their fingertips 24/7? And what if you could see the same thing students did so they have fewer basic questions and you had more personal, consistent, and meaningful answers?  

With Ellucian Degree Works, it's possible. An easy-to-use online set of academic planning tools help students see what courses and requirements they need to graduate. No more time and money wasted on unnecessary courses. No more students stressing over whether they'll finish on time. And fewer phone calls asking what they'll need to earn those credentials, perform a degree audit, or how transfer credits are applied.  

It's all there in one solution that integrates with your student information system, and records interactions with students for a more accurate history of where they've been, and what they need to do to graduate. It even tracks the logic of every decision made so you don't have to retrace your steps.  

Ellucian Degree Works helps you provide more personalised advising and the academic support students need to more efficiently plan and reach their goals. It's this kind of clarity that helps students make better decisions with confidence. Because more motivated, empowered students mean improved completion rates and faster time to graduation. Find out more about how Ellucian Degree Works can deliver better student outcomes for your institution. 

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