PowerCampus Student

Recruiting the students who will benefit most from your institution and providing them with the kind of services that foster success are top priorities for today’s high-performing institutions. PowerCampus™ Student delivers student-centered solutions that can help you deliver superior student services and meet aggressive enrolment goals.

With PowerCampus Student, your recruiting and admissions staff can create effective admissions campaigns, target and recruit prime prospective students and manage more tailored communications with them throughout the admissions process. Your registrar’s office can support registration, calendaring and transcript activities for both traditional and nontraditional students. Your financial services office can track tuition bills and payments, housing assessments and other institution-defined fees and student transactions. You can more easily report on enrolment trends, academic progress and retention.

PowerCampus Student can also help you more effectively:

  • Handle web-based application processing
  • Track and manage grades and transcripts
  • Manage course limits, prerequisites and other rules for entry
  • Manage academic plans and conduct degree audits
  • Access up-to-the-minute student account information
  • Research and resolve student transaction issues quickly