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Empowering students with data at Oxford Brookes University

What do today’s students want? They expect access to their information, and they expect to be able to digitally connect with their institution at any time. That means potential students want to check out their applications online and see what’s needed, what’s missing and where they are in the process. Watch this video to see how Oxford Brookes University has empowered its students to manage their own application and admissions experience.

Moving forward with mobile experiences at the University of Central Lancashire

Who are “digital natives”? They are the young people who have grown up in a world of pervasive technology—and they’re today’s students. They expect to have access to data and the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, from their mobile devices. Watch this video to learn how the University of Central Lancashire keeps its 38,000 students and four campuses continuously connected and collaborating, 24/7.

Partnering with students at the University of Birmingham

As one of the largest institutions in the UK and a new campus in Dubai, the University of Birmingham must wrestle with complex technology needs in order to serve its 35,000 students. The University views those students as much more than consumers, it considers them partners, and believes in the power of technology to connect, engage and support them. Watch this video to see how the University of Birmingham leverages its technology to improve the student experience.

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