Ellucian Ethos

Connect and empower your institution

Unite people, processes, and technology across your institution with a platform built for higher education.

Simplify and streamline
Simplify and streamline
Coordinate business processes, boost institutional performance, and transition to the cloud with a flexible approach.
Accelerate your integrations
Accelerate your integrations
Adopt and deploy new technologies more rapidly with pre-built integrations from across the higher education partner community.
Refocus IT resources
Reduce maintenance + refocus IT resources
Lower operational costs, ease your IT maintenance burden, and shift your staff toward strategic initiatives with a centralised integration framework.

The power of Ellucian Ethos

Connect applications and speed up implementation with standard APIs and integrations.

Reduce maintenance by replacing brittle point-to-point integrations with robust integrations.

Provides a consolidated source of institutional data for sophisticated operational and analytical reporting needs

Gives you the ability to manage and monitor enterprise integrations.

Create seamless, secure accessibility and maximise security through rigorous ID management and ensure compliance.

Streamline your institution's identity and access management processes.

A unifying platform for higher education

Create a connected, empowered campus with Ellucian Ethos

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