Ellucian Ethos

Create an empowered campus by connecting people, processes, and technology with a platform built on the higher ed open data model.

Why Ellucian Ethos

Ellucian Ethos is the higher education platform connecting people, processes, and applications across the institution to power coordinated programmes designed for student success.

Coordinate decision making

Gain insights from your data to improve decision making, boost performance, and improve the student experience across campus.

Connect with the higher ed community

Leverage pre-built integrations from across the higher ed partner community to speed deployment.

Reduce maintenance

Ease your IT administrative burden and shift to performing more strategic initiatives.

Flexible approach

Structure applications to reside on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

Messages sent through Ethos integration

Ethos Platform

Connect, discover and act your way to an empowered campus with Ellucian Ethos.


Unify data across Ellucian, partner, and institution applications with the higher ed data model.

  • Single source of truth enables a unified student view
  • Unified and consistent data vocabulary across applications and platforms
  • Hundreds of data models covering departments and business functions across the campus

Joins applications with standard integrations and APIs designed to speed up the implementation process.

  • Ellucian, partner, and institution applications share data across the campus
  • Open standards built on JSON and REST enable consistent implementations
  • Robust and reusable integrations reduce maintenance over brittle point-to-point integrations

Combines the power of the Ellucian Ethos Data Model and Ethos Integration to store data from multiple tenants in the cloud.

  • Provides a consolidated source of accurate, real-time data that makes sophisticated operational and analytical reporting possible
  • Updates in near real-time ensure analytics reflect the latest possible data
  • Extracts data from authoritative sources, such as Ellucian Banner or Ellucian Colleague, and stores it in secure cloud data storage for integration and analysis

Create seamless and secure enterprise-wide accessibility across campus applications with Ellucian Identity.

  • Maximise security through rigorous ID management
  • Provide a positive user experience through streamlined access to applications through a single login experience
  • Comply with best practices, while managing identity policies and levels of data interaction

Connected products

Ellucian Ethos brings the institution together. These solutions round out the Ellucian Ethos portfolio to enable data-informed decisions and coordinate business processes in a consumer grade user experience.

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