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Unite your entire institution with a versatile higher education ERP to make processes more effective and keep students, faculty, and staff informed.

Why Ellucian Colleague

The right technology can move your North American institution forward—on your terms.


Make your ERP work for your institution with highly configurable workflows, rich self-service capabilities and multiple delivery options.


Use our unique integration model to bring your institution’s data together and provide answers to even the toughest questions.


Join more than 650 institutions using Ellucian Colleague to enable student success and meet institutional goals.

A campus-wide solution

Available in North America only, Ellucian Colleague can solve business challenges for all members of your campus community.

Colleague student advising overview

Ellucian Colleague Student

Deliver efficient, personalised experiences that drive student success.

  • Manage the student lifecycle from admissions through graduation 
  • Automate the transcript request and enrolment verification process 
  • Centralise student information to facilitate better student experiences and operational efficiencies 
  • Monitor ongoing student academic and attendance indicators 
  • Access curriculum data in real time easily
Financial aid landing

Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid

Create an intuitive financial aid process that removes obstacles for students and creates efficiencies for staff.

  • Manage all aspects of student financial aid, from application to award to reconciliation 
  • Disburse awards timely and accurately, ensuring students get their funds when needed 
  • Configure application forms and requirements to meet your institution’s needs 
  • Monitor compliance with timely updates to regulatory changes 
  • Utilise reporting functionality to support institutional, state and federal requirements
Colleague HR approver time entry detail

Ellucian Colleague Human Resources

Manage the full lifecycle of your institution’s most valuable resource and single largest expense—your employees.

  • Create fast-paced, efficient hiring processes to attract and retain top talent 
  • Ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations 
  • Increase efficiency with day-to-day functions, including personnel, payroll, and benefits administration 
  • Predict and plan for future staff and management needs
Screenshot - Colleague finance

Ellucian Colleague Finance

Automate financial processes and tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and timely access to information.

  • Streamline procurement processes to create efficiencies and decrease costs 
  • Track revenue and improve budget accuracy with modeling and forecasting tools 
  • Meet accountability and compliance requirements 
  • Manage the invoicing, billing, and payment processes across campus 
  • Create and manage student payment plans

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We see Ellucian as our most trusted vendor, really a partner with us.

Eric Satterly, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer | Bellarmine University