Idaho State University

Better talent management system, better business decisions


Modernise and simplify a complicated system

  • When systems are easy to use, HR is a better partner across campus
  • Single sign-on and integrated tools are a big help to HR
  • Improved talent management system helps teams take on new challenges

With easy-to-use tools, Idaho State University HR is more effective.

Ray Ludwig, Associate Director of Human Resources, Idaho State University

Those who embrace change have found that the Talent Management Suite has been very easy to learn and very easy to understand and been able to work with the product successfully. One of the challenges we faced when working with our previous systems is the complicated nature of the system itself. Employees were finding it difficult to login, they would have to login multiple times for different searches, as opposed to the new product allowing you single sign-on and access to all the information available to you as the user.

Partnering with Ellucian has been a great benefit to our institution. Information that was provided by the better product, and now the additional talent management suite, allows us to make better business decisions and work through problems that we weren't aware of in the past.