Temple University

Helping students "Fly in Four"


Improve retention and graduation rates while helping students save money

  • A centralised data hub enables analytics and predictive decisions 
  • Data helped Temple increase four-year graduation rate increase from 44 to 52 percent in two years 
  • Timely graduation saves students tens of thousands of dollars

How Temple University is transforming student data into strategies that improve four-year completion rates.

Lynne Sanbe, Associate Vice President for Applications and Data, Temple University

Because of the data we've been able to gather, we have been able to do a “Fly in 4” program. Fly in 4 is a program that allows the student to have certain checkpoints with their advisor that indicate student success. It allows them to get out within four years, to have an affordable education. So, there are certain requirements that we set using Banner data, using their grades, using scheduling, using waitlisting, using all of those features that are within Banner.

Cindy Leavitt, Chief Information Officer, Temple University

The first class that will be graduating in the Fly in 4 program will be this 2018. We've seen our four-year graduation rate increase from 44% two years ago to 52%. That's powerful, and that means that those students are saving thousands of dollars, just by not doing that fifth year. That's really satisfying, because that's when you see data making a difference for an individual student.