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How Ellucian Banner 9 is saving Oral Roberts University faculty 700 hours per semester


Modernize processes and increase efficiency for employees and HR staff

  • Employee profile dashboards feature a modern look and feel while giving managers at-a-glance views of employee information
  • Employee self-service enables convenient mobile access to class rosters, advisee appointments, personal payroll, and employee pages
  • Automated leave of absence request feature saves employees and managers time and paperwork

Employee self-service and employee profiles in Ellucian Banner® 9 are big wins for users.

Michael Mathews, associate vice president for innovation and technology, Oral Roberts University 

Oral Roberts University is actually quite excited about the employee profile dashboard. And it's because of this: everyone's been used to calling it a student information system. It's all about students and making up even excuses why it is designed like it is. And HR, human resources, has always felt left out.  

And so, all of a sudden, on Ellucian Banner 9, to have an employee profile where managers can actually see all their employees down a dashboard, their pay raise or their pay history, their pay grade, is a phenomenal feat.  

And so, our HR Director, Marlene Jones, would jump up and say, “I've never seen a system actually meet the needs of HR like I've seen Banner 9 do.”  

The biggest efficiency improvement is leave of absence is now automated. The amount of paperwork that went into actually asking for time off—whether it's personal, sick time, bereavement—was tedious, but it was never assured it was actually accurate. And so now with the new employee profile in the new upgrade, we actually have automation on that.  

So, every morning I find out who's requested time off. Click on a button. And it's done.  

The new employee self-service has tremendously helped Oral Roberts University. I started there four years ago. And it was estimated at that time maybe five percent of faculty were using it. They were using the learning management system, but they stayed away from the student information system.  

Today, after we have implemented Ellucian Banner 9 last summer, we now have 85 percent of our faculty inside the Banner system, using it for rosters, for advisement, and for their own personal payroll, and employee area of the system.  

We have actually taken a group of faculty and found out that we're saving 700 hours a semester. That sounds like a far-fetched number. But when you find out the mechanics behind every student entering something into the Ellucian Banner system for the faculty to have to go and grade it and look at it, that's all automated now.  

And the faculty themselves self-reported that 700 hours have been saved or reduced because of that.  

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