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How an institution secures its future through talent management.


Align talent management to institutional strategy, and attract and retain top talent

  • Talent management aligned across campus 
  • Improved decision-making and resource allocation 
  • Improved process for employee development

Alamo Colleges develops top talent by re-engineering processes and implementing new technology.

The Board and executives at Alamo Colleges know the key to achieving long-term institutional goals is recruiting and retaining top talent at all levels, across all functions. They committed to evolving their traditional human resources department into a sophisticated talent management system. 

To that end, Alamo Colleges needed a system to support its three unifying talent management goals: 

  • Offer professional development opportunities that increase employee advancement and retention 
  • Ensure talent management goals support institutional priorities 
  • Plan initiatives and measure results across functions 

The diverse HR functions of recruiting, staffing, onboarding, compensation, performance management, coaching, training, leadership development, succession management, and more, all need to fit together seamlessly for HR to have an effective talent management strategy.    

Alamo Colleges’ talent management programme’s success would hinge on strong collaboration across colleges and departments and the ability to track and demonstrate results. The backbone of the programme is an enterprise-wide technology solution, Ellucian Talent Management Suite, that makes both of these things possible. 

“Technology is not the complete answer to talent management,” says Linda Boyer-Owens, associate vice chancellor of HR and organisational development. “But it is essential to success. Implementing a new system will often force you to re-examine processes and re-engineer the way you do business, and that’s how you grow. And this is where we are right now with Ellucian Talent Management Suite—growing toward success.” 

The market for top talent in higher education is more competitive than ever. We can’t simply let HR hire new employees and then leave it at that. We need a proactive strategy to develop and retain our best employees.

Linda Boyer-Owens, Associate Vice Chancellor, HR and Organisational Development, Alamo Colleges