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Comprehensive next-generation solutions for higher education help you stay agile, reduce costs, and integrate information across your institution.

Improve efficiencies, stay informed, and deliver a great constituent experience.

Provides an intuitive student experience and helps institutions serve their constituents more effectively.

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Manages your continuing education and workforce development programs while providing seamless integration with your student system.

Engage, enroll, retain, and graduate more students by providing personalized support every step of the way.

Engage with your audience through their preferred channels, manage outreach, intake gifts, adjust task priorities, and increase campaign performance.

Unites departments with a comprehensive view of student performance and provides tools to effectively engage at every stage of the student’s journey.

Give your staff the insights to manage priorities—and give your prospects a great first impression.

Helps students and advisors create a path to on-time graduation.

Provides secure, real-time transcript authentication, production, and transfer between the National Student Clearinghouse®, transcript ordering vendors, and Ellucian’s administrative systems.

An intuitive, end-to-end solution for managing all student housing operations.

Drive institutional success and data-informed decisions through integrated information, people, and processes.

Connect people, processes, and applications across your institution with the higher ed platform.

Ellucian Experience provides a home page experience based on a defined role in which the user can have access to dynamic data and personalized content based on their needs.

Democratize data management and intelligence with reporting and visualization tools that connect, transform, and activate data to drive success.

Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is a single, easy-to-use platform that streamlines common teaching and learning tasks between administrative and learning management systems (LMS).

Automate tasks and optimize efficiencies across the institution with a cloud-based business process solution.

Manage your institution’s most important asset: its employees.

Build on the success of your institution by confidently attracting ideal candidates.

Gain key insights into institutional finances with a holistic view of spending to make better, data-driven decisions.

Get strategic about sourcing with new efficiencies and better collaboration to ensure expedited delivery of goods and services.

Modern, scalable spend management solutions that connect people and communities to the resources they need.

Unify campus-wide payments and create a better user experience regardless of payment method or channel.

Build a cashless campus with a validated payment application that’s easy to implement and PCI-compliant.

Simplify expense processing from start to finish by automating the submission and reimbursement process to boost accuracy and efficiency.

Financial friction is the #1 barrier to student enrollment and completion. Build the foundation for student success with modern financial aid solutions.

Build student engagement and reduce melt with CampusCommunicator, a leading student communications tool to streamline the financial aid process.

The Smarter College Cost Calculator. Build trust and simplify the student journey with personalized calculations and calls to action.

Creative incentives to recruit and retain your best class, yet.

Automate and streamline your scholarship management with ScholarshipUniverse for increased completion rates and less administrative burden.

SponsoredScholar is the community-based emergency relief platform that empowers students to cover unexpected expenses and continue their education.

The financial aid process platform that automates and simplifies workflows to reduce compliance risk and drive financial aid completion.

Bring more power to your financial aid office with an AI-powered chatbot that drives clear, effective student communication.

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