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Comprehensive next-generation solutions for higher education help you stay agile, reduce costs, and integrate information across your institution.

Improve efficiencies, stay informed, and deliver a great constituent experience.

Manage your records, streamline staff efforts, and deliver an improved constituent experience.

Manages your continuing education and workforce development programs while providing seamless integration with your student system.

Ellucian’s CRM suite is the most comprehensive set of lifecycle solutions tailored for higher education.

Give your staff the insights to manage priorities—and give your prospects a great first impression.

Unites departments with a comprehensive view of student performance and provides tools to effectively engage at every stage of the student’s journey.

Increase fundraising efforts in higher education and meet your campaign goals with personalized donor engagement, easy-access data, and a team that has the time and resources to focus on strategy and high-impact work.

Helps students and advisors create a path to on-time graduation.

Drive institutional success and data-informed decisions through integrated information, people, and processes.

Connect people, processes, and applications across your institution with the higher ed platform.

Ellucian Analytics is a guided business intelligence platform that enables institutions to convert meaningful data from across systems into actionable decisions.

Automate tasks and optimize efficiencies across the institution with a cloud-based business process solution.

Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform is a single, easy-to-use platform that streamlines common teaching and learning tasks between administrative and learning management systems (LMS).

Ellucian Experience provides a home page experience based on a defined role in which the user can have access to dynamic data and personalized content based on their needs.

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