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A non-traditional student gains respect and more with credentials

Hear Alex Bellow, a student at Delgado Community College, explain why he is pursuing both a college degree and credentials, how they will benefit his career, and the importance of lifelong learning.

Using cloud to provide seamless 24/7 access for students

Western Sydney University is a large institution with 10 major campuses. They wanted to simplify processes and administration by implementing a single platform that provided an integrated end-to-end experience for students and staff. They chose Ellucian Banner®. Watch this video to hear how they meet student expectation by using cloud to provide 24/7 student access.

Meeting advancement needs now and for the future

When the University of Idaho was looking for a new CRM solution, they wanted something that could be configured to meet both current and future advancement needs. Watch Jason Mayer, director of advancement information services, explain why they chose Ellucian CRM Advance.

How automation can create campus-wide efficiences

Hear Peter Jones, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, California Institute of Integral Studies, explain why they invested in an integrated system. By automating its workflow processes, the new solution will save the institution time and money.

Chatbots provide our students information 24/7

Dr. Camille Samuel, Vice President of Student Affairs and IT, The College of Science, Technology, and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, shares how her institution is meeting demand for 24/7, instant communications by implementing chatbots. Hear how they implemented Alexa and how students reacted.

Why we jumped forward in technology

When California Institute of Integral Studies was looking to upgrade its legacy system, it decided to make the move to the cloud. Hear Peter Jones, director of institutional effectiveness, explain how SaaS will improve security, backup processes, and more.

Credentials vs. Degrees: How much clout does each have?

In this podcast, hear Katie Lynch-Holmes discuss the results from a recent survey of students and employers on the value of a college degree and credentials with Jeff Selingo, author, and Michael Horn, Clay Christenson Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Learn why students enroll in college, how prepared they feel they are for the workplace, and more.

Highlights from Ellucian Live 2019

Tara Westover, Shaquille O’Neill, and over 8,000 higher ed tech professionals brought their energy and ideas to Ellucian Live 2019 in New Orleans. Take a look at what dedication, passion, and innovation look like—and see why together, we have the power to change the future of higher education.

A milennial shares her thoughts on lifelong learning

Hear a millennial share her plans to pursue an MBA or additional credentials. Learn why lifelong learning is so important and how she is planning for the next stage of her career.

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