Advisory Services

Consider your Ellucian consultant a personal advisor and member of your team.

We know higher education like no other tech company. Let our experts guide and help you maximize the value of your Ellucian solutions.

Ellucian Advisory Services
Take Advantage of Our Experts
Take advantage of our experts
With a portfolio exclusive to higher ed, Ellucian Advisors are experienced in delivering the tailored solutions to your campus.
Stay on Track
Stay on track
Our Advisors are ready to quickly jump into working with you while maintaining a timeline that works well for your institution.
Gain a New Team Member without FTE costs
Gain a new team member without FTE costs
Consider your assigned advisor one of your own. Ensure continuity and knowledge of your institution—and save time and money.


Ellucian advisors build and maintain plans customized to your institution so you can meet your goals and deadlines—and ensure success.

Our advisors help you save time, cut costs, and improve the experiences of you students, faculty, and staff.

Advisors connect with weekly calls, give access to Ellucian resources, and participate in knowledge-sharing sessions.

We offer support and problem-solving, while allowing your institution to maintain its own agenda.

Need support? We're always here to help!


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