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9 million in new grants in under three years

With a strong grants program in place, institutions can secure funds that help serve the changing needs of students without breaking the budget. Learn how Mt. Hood Community College partnered with Ellucian Grants Services to establish a successful grants infrastructure and process that yielded stunning results in a short amount of time.

A self-service portal helps students stay on track

Improving completion rates is a critical goal for most institutions, and giving students the right tools makes a difference. Enter self-service, which lets students play a more active role in their degree planning and auditing. Hear how three college seniors at three different institutions in Virginia use Ellucian Degree Works to plan their courses and monitor their degree progress.

The Ellucian Impact Award

Is your institution innovating to enhance the student experience? Has your campus been transformed by technology? Share your story and be recognized for the impact your institution is having in higher education technology. Nominate your institution for the annual Ellucian Impact Award.

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